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"Tricks of the Trade"

The Sacramento Bee ran an article on the fine art of playing pranks for their April Fools’ Day edition, and both operation groucho and groove is in the heart received nice mentions. Yours truly was even interviewed for the piece.

Such as in last July, when John Marcotte noticed a giant sculpture of a human head — and saw an opportunity, a blank canvas, so to speak. Commence “Operation Groucho.”

Marcotte and his merry band of pranksters converged upon that sculpture, at a very visible spot at a retail center at Folsom Boulevard and 65th Street in Sacramento. Armed with a giant pair of homemade Groucho Marx glasses, they gave the sculpture a new look — four-eyed and mustached.

“We subvert the paradigm, in a good way,” says Marcotte, a Web designer for UC Davis. Marcotte also runs the site BadMouth.net, a comedy site where, among other things, he uploads videos of his gang’s pranks. “Sometimes it’s funny to see that the world can surprise you in a happy way.”