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target wii inventory checker

Nintendo Wii at Target
If you’re like me you desperately want to buy a Nintendo Wii, yet you are unwilling to camp for three days with a bunch of oily, unwashed 35-year-old geeks who still live in their mom’s basement and spend their spare time debating whether Yoda could beat Gandolf in a fight.

So the best chance a person who actually has sex occasionally has of getting a Wii is pure luck — a random mid-week shipment that no one knew was coming. But how do you find out if your local Target has gotten any in? You could ask an employee, and they will tell you, “No.” But I don’t trust the red-shirts on this issue for a very important reason:

They don’t care. Your average Target redshirt will not even check the computer before telling you that they are out. The paranoid in me fervently believes that if they would just check, they would discover that the warehouse guys are complaining because they can’t navigate past the stacks and stacks of Wii’s littering the aisles in the back room.

So here is the quasi-secret way to find out if your Target has any Wii’s and where those Wii’s are without having to talk to a single pimple-faced, disaffected teen.

Step 1. Locate a price scanner with functioning number buttons on the right side. (This is tougher than it sounds.) Many people are not even aware that these buttons exist, and yet at my local Target more than half of the scanners had broken or even missing buttons.

Step 2. Type in the Target DPCI (Department Class Item) number for the Wii. 207-25-0001 and press “enter.”

Step 3. Read the display to check how many Wii’s are in the stockroom. The numbers after “Aisle” tell you the location of the Wii on the sales floor and the number of facings it should have — not the number that they have in stock, so don’t get too excited when something pops up there. And if they were on the floor, they are probably already gone anyway.

A friend of mine was able to get a Wii this way by figuring out that Target had gotten a shipment of Wii’s, but hadn’t moved them to the sales floor, yet. He hung around the electronics department for an hour, and grabbed one off the pallet truck before they even put them in the case. Score!

The Wii At Target

Badmouth reader and Target employee Sarah C added this important tip:

If you want to see if a store has counts, go up to a team member that has a handheld scanner. Ask them “can you check this dpci in “˜item search’ to see if you have any?” While the scanners will tell you if they are located in the back, item search shows team members how many of the item is on-hand. If you can try to stand next to them and look over their shoulder, once they see what the item is they might not tell you how many are OH (on-hand). Hope this helps with the holiday shopping coming up.

So remember to thank both Jesus and Sarah if you actually manage to score a Wii this Christmas.