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she make it so

Patti, Anya and I were almost in this video. We showed up to help out our good friends Warp 11 as extras in the grocery store scene. The director called us in for our shot, but then the hot chick in the video wanted more privacy while she “fondled her melons” so we were ushered out of the store. After numerous unavoidable delays, we were forced to abandon our hopes of rock video stardom in order to attend the birthday dinner of a close friend. But not before Captain Karl had both entertained and frightened our baby daughter. (He has that effect on lots of people.)

If you’re new to the Warp 11 scene, check out the Warp 11 Interview we did a few years ago to see why they are the coolest damn Star Trek tribute band in the known galaxy. And buy their new album, Boldly Go Down On Me. They deserve your money.