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Interview: Aimee Sweet


Aimee Sweet’s career began at age 19 when she had a chance meeting with glamour photographer Suze Randall. Sweet went to Randall’s studio to accompany one of her friends, who wanted to be a model. Her friend wasn’t chosen, but Randall liked what she saw in Sweet.

Sweet began modeling for Randall, and soon afterwards was chosen for a centerfold spread in Penthouse magazine. Much to her surprise, she became Penthouse Pet for August 1998, which lead to appearances in other men’s magazines.

In 1999, Sweet moved to Milan, Italy, as a high-fashion model for the Elite modeling agency. Upon returning to the U.S. several months later, she started her own business and launched her own website.

Regular contributor and horror host extroidinaire Mr. Lobo recently interviewed Sweet and we have the video, the audio and the transcript to prove it.

Bio compiled from Wikipedia and other sources.

Mr. Lobo: This is Mr. Lobo for Cinema Insomnia, and I’m here with Aimee Sweet.

Aimee Sweet: Hello

Mr. Lobo: Hello. You have been in many motion pictures?

Aimee Sweet: Um, yeah I’ve been in a couple B-movies, independent films, some music videos … I don’t know … Just a bunch of different things. TV appearances.

Mr. Lobo: Have you ever been in a horror movie?

Aimee Sweet: Not yet. I guess the most horrific thing I was, was that I was in a video for Korn, and I had this crazy devil painted all over my body. So that was kind of horrific.

Mr. Lobo: Yes, absolutely. So what was it like working with Korn?

Aimee Sweet: It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.

Mr. Lobo: With butter and salt?

Aimee Sweet: Yes. Delicious and nutritious.

Mr. Lobo: That’s how I like it ““ with the little handle things that you poke through…

Aimee Sweet: Yeah, like corn on the cob, right?

Mr. Lobo: Absolutely. Now casting directors out there ““ this is your opportunity: Aimee Sweet has never been in a horror movie. You could capitalize on something here.

Aimee Sweet: Alright!

Mr. Lobo: You could capitalize on something here and have millions of spotty-faced, drooling fanboys beating a money path to your door. Aimee Sweet in the new horror film, “Sweet Danger” …

Aimee Sweet: That sounds exciting.

Mr. Lobo: .. “Sweet Nothings.” You can come up with the title, because quite frankly, that’s not Mr. Lobo’s job. You don’t pay me enough to come up with a title.
But you, Aimee Sweet ““ not only have you been in what, 2000 movies?

Aimee Sweet: Yeah, something like that.

Mr. Lobo: Something like that ““ 2,600 movie. She has a web site. Now if you don’t have a computer in your home, you can go down to your public library and go to aimeesweet.com.

Aimee Sweet: That’s right.

Mr. Lobo: Make sure the librarian sees you typing that in and pulling up whatever gorgeous goodness is gonna pop up because she is gonna congratulate you on your very, very, very good taste. Thank you very much, Aimee Sweet.

Aimee Sweet: Thank you. It’d been my pleasure.

Mr. Lobo: I wish you great success. Is there anything you want to say to the people out there?

Aimee Sweet: Just check out my web site aimeesweet.com, and enjoy the rest of the movies.