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Britney Spears Wants to Have Sex with You

Britney Spears has been straddling the line between innocent young thing and wanton sexpot for quite some time now.

Okay, she doesn’t really straddle the line, as much as she mounts it and dry humps it like a cocker spaniel in heat. As she made clear in an early song, “She’s not that innocent.”

Spears burst onto the pop scene in her too-short skirts, knee socks and tops tied tightly under her budding-but-not-yet-silicone-enhanced mammaries. The combination of baby-toned voice, little-girl innocence and fetish-inducing Catholic schoolgirl outfits was guaranteed to make her a huge star among middle-aged Japanese businessmen–but suprisingly it made her a star among horny tone-deaf men in America, as well.

But the bigger suprise was that prepubecent girls found a new, talent-free role model to emulate. The popularity of low-rise jeans, low-cut tops and low-quality pop music can all be traced back to Spears–as well as any number of eating disorders.

But when asked about her pubescent sexuality, Britney’s message was always straightforward: no sex until marraige. But what was the queen of the prick-tease really saying to her fans? You’re about to find out.

Let’s listen to a three-second clip from her first hit, “Hit Me Baby One More Time” two different ways.

Schoolgirl Britney
Here’s the clip played forwards:

Britney straight up

“…with you I lose my mind, give me a si-“

Badgirl Britney
And here it is played backwards:

Britney reversed

“…sleep with me I’m not too young.”

Backmasking, it’s not just for crappy heavy metal bands that pretend to worship Satan anymore.

For the record, I did not discover this little gem. A saw it in a flash animation elsewhere on the Internet, but I doubted its validity. So I downloaded the mp3 on my own and used editing software to make the above example myself. It’s completely legit.