Badmouth is in Maxim

As one of the Internet’s foremost authorities on the In-N-Out Burger Secret Menu, I was recently approached by a writer for Maxim magazine to unravel the enigma of the fabled fast-food franchise’s hidden menu. And if you’re like me, you instantly thought: “Maxim has articles?”

It turns out that they do. And now I’m in one. I ended up being quoted in a few sentences towards the bottom instead of dominating the entire piece. They were probably afraid to put that much awesome in a single story. They didn’t want to detract from the women.

So now, I expect that thousands of 14-year-old boys will read all about Badmouth while they are in the bathroom with the magazine for an hour “brushing their teeth.”

If you spot me out and about, I’ll be happy to sign any copy of the magazine that is in “unused” condition.