Space Guys In Space – Madness (S01E13) Jul13

Space Guys In Space ...


Space Guys In Space – Gee (S01E12) Jul10

Space Guys In Space – Gee (S01E12)


The Individual Mandate: A History Jul06

The Individual Manda...

Obamacare is finally a reality, and although the name is not necessarily popular, the major provisions of Obamacare actually enjoy wide support among all Americans — including Republicans — except one: The Individual Mandate. The mandate requires that everyone who can afford to, must...

Space Guys In Space – Hole Theory (S01E11) Jun19

Space Guys In Space – Hole Theory (S01E11)


Google Images: Asian Jun09

Google Images: Asian

Google is one of mankind’s greatest tools. It takes the entire wealth of human knowledge and the depth of our experience and makes it accessible via a few keystrokes and a click of a mouse. It has given us the unprecedented ability to tap knowledge and has forever changed how we interact with the world. But Google is far more than a simple tool. While we are using it to learn — Google is learning about us. Think of this as a sociological experiment. American European African Asian Asian (uncensored) ...